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What is URA
URA is an ancient Celtic symbol of the Ogham alphabet. Uhr or Ura symbolizes the Heather plant, which is synonymous with passion and generosity.  This ground-covering plant grows on top of peet in the moors of the Celtic lands. It’s colorful and fragrant blossoms are full of nectar and are especially attractive to bees, which are believed in some traditions as messengers to and from the spirit world.

URA translates into Purity, Cleansing, Attraction, Protection, Intoxication and Refinement.  A reminder to get back in touch with Mother Earth and reawaken your awareness of the inner wisdom nature can teach us.  URA reminds us to “Blend the Energy of the Inner Self with the Healing of the Body.  Focus on Whole-Healing; Body, Mind and Spirit, to Build a Healthy Soul.”

The URA Philosophy
Enter URA on your quest for Purity and discover the Romance and transformation of physical and spiritual well-being.  Cleanse and heal through the art of massage and expert skincare and allow the Attraction to overwhelm the senses.  Become one with your spiritual essence through the talent of our Reiki masters.  Experience the Protection of our specialized therapists and recognize the Intoxicating effects of physical relief, inner peace, tranquility and beauty.  URA will Refine you from the inside out allowing you to realize your own healing, Body, Mind and Spirit.
URA's Company Mission
At URA, it is our goal to help create a relationship between you and the therapist that will best recognize your own individualized course of treatment.  We believe that this will significantly enhance your experience and bring you closer to realizing your own Whole-Body Healing.
massageEvery massage will be customized to the individual needs of our clients.  Our seasoned massage therapists will take the time to recognize exactly which massage will provide you with the greatest benefit of relief and pleasure. See a complete list of our services.
faceandskinEvery URA facial treatment will begin with a professional skin analyses to discuss which facial will be most appropriate for your skin type or problematic conditions.  Each treatment will be individually customized to help you reach your goals towards achieving beautiful, healthy and youthful looking skin. See a complete list of our services.
ayurvedaOur sensory enhancing body treatments will incorporate individually selected essential oils and salts designed specifically to melt away your stress and leave you in a complete state of relaxation.  Each experience includes a rinse off in our luxurious steam shower. See a complete list of our services.
All services are available for purchase in a series of six at a 20% savings.  Series must be used for the service purchased and may not be combined with any other offers.  Medical aesthetics are not included in this series offer. See a complete list of our services.

Welcome To URA

IMG_0289Hello! Welcome to URA the Spa.  I am proud to call Ura(pronounced ooh-rah)  a place of health, wellness, and relaxation.  I want you to feel at home here.  You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.  There are a number of services here you can experience, and I invite you, warmly, into my Spa.